Presentation of SAM

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Kardeljeva ploščad 17, 1000 Ljubljana


The Slovenian Academy of Management unites scientists, researchers and experts from the field of management in the Republic of Slovenia with the purpose of exploring, developing and expanding knowledge of management, organization, administration and similar areas. To fulfill these goals, the society has set the following goals:

  • to establish an open dialogue between scientists, experts and institutions to develop knowledge in the field of management;
  • to encourage research, education and transfer of knowledge into practice;
  • to ensure appropriate presentation of research achievements in the field of management;
  • to encourage diversity of the used research approaches and research topics;
  • to support  young researchers from the field of management and similar sciences, especially within international research;
  • to find and establish interesting fields for future research in the field of management and encourage formation of a dynamic research network of scientists and experts;
  • to ensure high quality, ethical and responsible work in achieving all of the above mentioned goals.

The society will realize these goals with a number of activities, such as organizing conferences and consultations, publication of scientific and professional literature from the field of management, education, training and research and development activities.


The society’s statute in pdf format is available on the link below. The society is entitled to receive up to 0.5% of personal income tax.

 SAM – Statute